Welcome to my part of the web
I'm Jens,
a 22-year old web developer at Esign in Ghent, currently active as back-ender but with a wide knowledge of other technologies that I have gained over the past 6 years with my studies and experience in the IT-sector. Discover it all here on my personal page (coming soon).
"When painting a room, preparation is key. The actual painting should account for about 40% of the work."
Jens Bonnier
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Beginning of the Jens area.


Studying computer science at secondary school. Learning and exploring all the basics.


Bachelor's degree MCT at the Howest with a specialization in AI engineer.


5-month graduation internship at Esign


Starting as a full-time backend developer at Esign.

2021 - now
Nice to meet you 👋
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