Jens Bonnier
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Jens Bonnier

Who is Jens?

Hello there ! I’m a 21-year-old bachelor student living near Ghent in Belgium.
Next to studying, I love to play sports, mainly rugby – but I am up for any other sportive challenge.
Travelling, discovering new countries and cities is something I enjoy tremendously. But my favorite vacation place remains the mountains and snowboarding.
I am a person who enjoys the little things in life – going for a drink with friends, watching a beautiful sunset, a nice coffee early in the morning…
If I would describe myself I would say: reliable, helpful, perfectionist, and giving up is certainly not an option.

What do I study?

I graduated in high school with a degree in IT management.
Currently I am in my last year of my bachelor’s MCT (Multimedia & Communication Technology) with a specialization in AI-engineering at Howest University of Applied Sciences.
I have chosen to pursue a career as an AI-engineer as this brings innovative solutions for both businesses & communities.
Programming has become a passion over the years – a passion because you can help build the future of IT.

My projects


I developed the website for a restaurant offering breakfast, using the WordPress technology. The website needed to offer just the basic information of the restaurant such as location, menu, opening hours ... I selected WordPress as it is very easy to use and allows you to do updates quickly and easily without too much technical background.
Technologies used: WordPress

Smart mailbox

In the first year of MCT, you are supposed to develop a project in which all the technologies you have seen during the year are used. I have designed a smart mailbox. The mailbox registers when mail is delivered and when it is emptied. There is the possibility to open it with an NFC card instead of a classic key. It is also linked to a web application where you can easily review everything that has been registered.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Raspberry Pi, MySql

Balance Jump

In my second year of MCT I had to create another project. For this project we had to work in team through scrum and develop an application for an external customer. The assignment was to make a game for children, but also keep them physically active. That's how our team of 3 got to the game balance jump. You play the game by moving and keeping balance on a Bosu ball. This way the children can play games but at the same time remain active. This project was a very positive experience for me as we were able to work in a team sense and able to distribute tasks smoothly.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, MySql, C#, Azure


In the last year of secondary school, I worked on my first major project. I made this final project together with a fellow student for the local hospital. We worked on this throughout the school year and achieved a very good result and an excellent score from the jury. Go-Fix-It is a web application to help hospital technicians. For example, if a nurse encounters a broken lamp, she can report this via the application on any PC in the hospital and the technicians can easily get an overview of what needs to be repaired. This was the first project were we used scrum.
Technologies used: PHP

Sports Quiz

As a final assignment for the Backend development course, I made a quiz web application. In this course, we became introduced with .NET Core and since I already had quite some experience with C#, I already had a head start. The sports quiz is a simple concept but nice to develop via .NET Core. on the user side, you can log in, take quizzes, view correct and incorrect answers, see high scores. The admin can create full quizzes with photo and text questions. All data is stored in a MySql database.
Technologies used: .NET Core, C#

Flappy Bird

When I started IT management in secondary school I learned to program with C#. When we had to recreate a game as an assignment I took the well-known flappy bird game. This game was the ideal time to get acquainted with object-oriented programming.
Technologies used: C#

Are you bored?

Are you bored is a website that I created for the 'Interaction design' course. This was an interim project in which we had to use data from an API and visualize this on a site.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS